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Eyebrow Trimmer

Eyebrow Trimmer

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Keep your eyebrows perfectly trimmed and tamed with the Eyebrow Trimmer. Ideal for removing stray hairs that make your eyebrows look unkempt, this trimmer offers precise results without sacrificing your overall look. Get your brows looking their best with the Eyebrow Trimmer.


Product Information:

Classification of beauty tools: Eyebrow trimming
Colours: White, pink
Style: Curved eyebrow trimmer & eyebrow trimmer, eyebrow trimmer, moon shaped eyebrow trimmer, 2 curved eyebrow trimmers+1 eyebrow trimmer
Suitable for all skin types
Material: Stainless steel, plastic


Eyebrow trimmer * 1 eyebrow trimmer * 1/eyebrow trimmer * 1/eyebrow trimmer * 1/eyebrow trimmer * 2 eyebrow trimmer * 1


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